Baxter Park Customer Representative 2022 Season

Millinocket, Maine, United States | Customer Service | Full-time

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Baxter State Park is a 209,644 acre public trust  and wilderness park located in north-central Maine and headquartered in Millinocket.  Governor Percival Baxter made it his life’s obsession to purchase these lands and donate them to the people of the State of Maine.  With this gift he left a governance structure unique from all other Maine state parks, a large endowment that allows the Park to operate independently from the State general fund, and several directives that describe how to manage the Park.  These include a focus on preserving the wildness of the Park above all else and providing opportunities “for those who love nature and who are willing to walk and make an effort to get close to nature”. Come join this dedicated and collaborative team in support of Governor Baxter's vision for the protection and preservation of this unique wilderness park.

JOB CODE:    9418   PAY RANGE:    12  SALARY:     Step 1 – 8    Hourly: $14.81 - $20.49.

Scope of Work: This is a classification in the Support Customer Relations Job Family which provide quality customer service to citizens in order to assist in resolving questions and problems concerning Baxter State Park use, natural resources, rules, regulations, and policies; and requires operation of office equipment and knowledge of office processes and diverse clerical functions.

DESCRIPTION: This is complex customer service in assisting internal and external customers requiring a solid knowledge of the principles and practices of quality customer service. Positions in this classification provide office and administrative support work in directly and indirectly assisting customers in securing park services such as reservations, park programs, registering vehicles and users, providing routine and emergency communication transmission services; and performing routine, varied office support tasks requiring the operation of technical office equipment.

*Responsibilities require independent judgment in handling exceptions to established work assignments, priorities, schedules, and selecting the most appropriate course of action within established operating procedures.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: (Any one position may not include all Distinguishing Characteristics (tasks) nor is this list inclusive of all Distinguishing Characteristics possible for this classification. Distinguishing Characteristics may be assigned in accordance with the policies and procedures of individual agencies. However, one Distinguishing Characteristic that applies to all classifications is that each employee complies with the requirements of State policies, including those concerning human resource components of security protocols of agency information security and confidentiality policies for state business purposes.)

*  Greets tourists and provides information in order to inform users of available park facilities and park rules, regulations, and policies.

* Processes reservations, collects and records fees and registrations electronically for use of park facilities, and prepares appropriate reports in order to maintain reservation system, document information, determine refund amounts, and receive and safeguard park revenues.

*  Operates two-way radio in order to maintain contact with other park personnel and relay routine and emergency information.

*   Registers vehicles and persons coming into or through park gates in order to document park users.

*    Creates spreadsheets, performs data management, and notes and reports electronic user program anomalies.

*    Types varied routine business correspondence such as letters, reports, contracts, vouchers, and agendas from draft or original source documents to revised or final form.

*   Organizes, records, and maintains computerized and/or manual files.

*    Inputs, arranges, codes, transcribes, corrects, and/or posts standard form and free form data for data entry.

*    Queries for data via telephone, computer, and/or written/oral communication.

*    Cleans and/or maintains issued materials.

*    Monitors, requisitions, purchases, and maintains inventory/supplies.

*  Applies appropriate level of first aid to injured persons in order to provide emergency medical assistance.

*  Performs small repairs on buildings, sheds, signs, and other structures; and splits and stack firewood when necessary in order to maintain gatehouse facility.

*  Observes immediate area of gatehouse for blowdown debris and litter and takes action as needed in order in order to maintain and preserve the beauty of the gatehouse facility.

*   Applies to routine individual cases an explanation and interpretation of applicable rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and documentation in order to provide information.

*   Assists Park Rangers in locating persons according to intended destinations in order to ensure park user safety.

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, & ABILITIES: (These are required to successfully perform the work assigned).

*  Knowledge of basic clerical procedures such as collecting fees, keeping records, making reservations, and answering questions.

*    Knowledge of Park rules, natural resources, and facilities related to visitor and staff conduct.

*    Knowledge of Katahdin region recreation opportunities that will enrich visitor experience.

*     Ability to communicate effectively.

*     Ability to write clearly and effectively.

*     Ability to perform basic computations, handle cash, and perform transactions.

*     Ability to operate a two-way radio.

*    Ability to recognize emergencies, report them, and apply the appropriate level of first aid.

*   Ability to perform general maintenance activities such as cleaning, general repairs, splitting firewood, painting signs, and daily check of technical support hardware (batteries, solar panels, etc.).

*     Ability to exercise good judgment in appraising situations.

*     Ability to work outdoors in adverse weather conditions.

*     Ability to participate in and implement safety procedures.


MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Training, education, or experience in office and administrative support work that demonstrates 1) competency in applying a solid knowledge of the principles and practices of quality customer service to perform complex work and modern office methods and procedures; and 2) ability to use independent judgment in handling exceptions to established work assignments, priorities, and selecting the most appropriate course of action within established operating procedures.

High school diploma or equivalent and some public contact work experience.



Baxter State Park, while independently-funded, does share the same benefit packages as the State employee system.  For this position, that includes health and dental contributions, contributions to Maine Public Employees Retirement System, and vacation and sick time which accrue at increasing rates with seniority in the state system.  

Please submit a cover letter, resume, and apply through this post. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.