State Dam Safety Inspector (Civil Engineer II)

Augusta, Maine, United States | Emergency Management & Public Safety | Full-time

Apply by: Oct. 13, 2022

Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management; Maine Emergency Management Agency

Opening Date: September 15, 2022

Closing Date: October 13, 2022

Job Class Code: 6342
Grade: 28 (Professional/Technical)
Salary: $55,036 - $74,131
Location: Augusta, ME

This is a repost of a previously posted job opening.

This is professional and scientific position in civil engineering developed to oversee the implementation of the Maine State Dam Safety Program in accordance with Maine Revised Statute Title 37B, Chapter 24.  This statute requires the inspection of all State regulated dams to determine hazard potential to include, reviewing the design and construction of new and reconstructed dams, assisting dam owners in developing emergency action plans (EAP’s) to minimize the effects of dam failure and to protect life and property. This position supervises performance and training for Assistant Engineer.  Work is performed under the direction and supervision of the Operations and Response Division Director. Extensive statewide travel is required.

Job duties included but are not limited to:  

  • Inspecting state dams for compliance with Title 37B, Chapter 22. Including periodic evaluations of all dams to determine the extent of any threat to human life and property in case of failure
  • Collaborating with Dam Safety team members, dam owner/operators and state and local partners on planning, scheduling, and coordinating hazard and condition assessments of dams to include coordinating field work
  • Performing structural safety inspection on all significant and high hazard dams to include stability, hydraulic and hydrology analysis
  • Performing failure and stability analyses of the dam and recommending necessary repairs and overseeing any work to be completed
  • Performing period inspections during dam construction to ensure compliance with approved plans and specifications
  • Reviewing and approving plans and specifications to construct, enlarge, modify, remove and abandon dams
  • Producing detailed reports on each dam inspected for the Director of the Maine Emergency Management Agency. 
  • Presenting and tracking inspection reports in an orderly and professional manner
  • Utilizing hydrological modeling techniques for assessing flood inundation planes
  • Advising the dam owner about emergency actions and facilitating EAP’s as necessary
  • Developing outreach strategies for state and local emergency management officials and local municipalities
  • Developing Dam Safety training and education programs for dam owners and the public about the necessity of dam safety.
  • Ensuring Dam Safety Program performance metrics are being met in accordance with National Dam Safety Program Grant  
  • Collaborating with Dam Safety Program Administrator on National Dam Safety Program Grant performance reports, questionnaires and priorities
  • Collaborating with Dam Safety Program Administrator to ensure quality control and accuracy of the State Dam Database
  • Drafting annual State Dam Safety Program Performance Questionnaire
  • Developing and executing internal training program designed to assist engineers-in-training learn and advance within field
  • Developing and executing internal Dam Safety Program Policy that address dam safety program needs and responsibilities in mission area
  • Supporting the State of Maine and bordering states during disasters, specifically related to flooding or dam breaches by way of staffing the State Emergency Operation Center (SEOC) during tests, drills, exercises and during real-world emergencies and disasters
  • Serving as a technical expert on the condition and status of all dams

Skills, abilities or knowledge required:

  • Knowledge of engineering principles and practices,
  • Knowledge of the laws, rules, and regulations applicable to assigned specialty area
  • Knowledge of advanced mathematics, physics, hydraulics, kinematics, and mechanics
  • Knowledge of drafting and/or surveying techniques
  • Knowledge of engineering equipment and instruments used in assigned specialty area
  • Knowledge of design and construction principles, practices, and techniques
  • Knowledge of material sources (i.e. concrete, asphalt, soils)
  • Ability to read complex plans and specifications
  • Ability to maintain membership with Association of State Dam Safety Officials
  • Ability to prepare clear and comprehensive plans, reports and recommendations

Minimum qualifications:

Licensure as a Professional Engineer and two (2) years of experience in civil engineering at the professional level. Licensure as a professional engineer as issued by the Maine State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers.

Preference will be given to those applicants:

Engineers with specific experience in dam problem areas - e.g., hydrology, hydraulics, structural or geotechnical engineering is preferred. 

Contact information:

Questions about this position should be directed to Director of Operations and Response, Steven Mallory at (207)624-4400 or at

Application Instructions:

Interested applicants need to apply online by selecting the "Apply for this opening" button along with uploading a cover letter, current resume, and copies of any transcripts or certifications you wish to have considered while evaluating your application.  In order for us to properly determine if you meet the minimum qualifications for any posting, you must be sure your resume includes month and year for any experience listed along with the duties and responsibilities associated with each particular time period.  Any experience that was not full-time employment should be identified as such. 

If you require a paper application, please download and print one here or contact our office at 207-623-6700.  Paper applications for this posting should be submitted along with cover letter and resume before the closing date to Security & Employment Service Center, 45 Commerce Drive, Augusta, ME  04330 or faxed to 207-287-2018.  Be sure title of the job you are applying for is included.  Applications cannot be accepted after the posting closing date.  

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